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collarbonepixie's Journal

CollarBonePixie Aka *Eccentric Bohemian Vagabond*
People are always telling me "You are SO eccentric!"...and well I just adore it!

One of my fav compliments:

My Filipino friend: Wow! Your Egg Rolls and Pancit are much tastier than my mother's more spice more flavor...DON'T ever tell her I said that! Hehe!

Other fav compliments:

My ex bf's niece: You are everything plus Champagne!

My Best Guy Friend:

"I don't think there is ANYONE quite like you"

One Of My Bf's When I Was 13 He Was 22 We Had Just Met But He Had Seen Me Around:

"You carry yourself very well"

A Sister At A H.S. Retreat When We Had To Write Down Something Positive About Everyone In Our Circle:

"The Very First Thought I Had When I Saw You Was Stunning"

*That Was One Of The Greatest Moments EVER Since Everyone In My H.S. Treated Me Like A Total Outcast And She Said That In Front Of Them All Ha Yay!*

*And Then Hehe Me And My Twin Hehehe!

ZiggyZiggyPixie (8:16:29 AM): I smoke WAY too much
Msnivi (8:18:13 AM): hahahaha
Msnivi (8:18:18 AM): yay :D
Msnivi (8:18:40 AM): im smoking instead.. i looked around and thought 'fuck it, i'll be asleep soon'
Msnivi (8:18:43 AM): hahahaha
ZiggyZiggyPixie (8:18:53 AM): hehehehee
Msnivi (8:19:09 AM): smokes cure hunger
ZiggyZiggyPixie (8:19:24 AM): they do don't they
Msnivi (8:19:27 AM): we should pass them out to all the ethiopian kids
ZiggyZiggyPixie (8:19:32 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

~Ode To Nivi My Genius Twin~ Yay I LUV Her Ever So Very Muchly! ~Thanx For Letting Me Have The Most Unique Pleasure Of "Knowing" You~ *LuvzYaForever*

My Ex Boyfriend:

"You are an irreplaceable soul"

"The world will be a darker place with out you in it"

"You're a fruitcake"

"Guys are ALWAYS falling in love with you, they have to how could they not? You are just you. You can't fake that. You are at your best when you are full blown YOU!"

"Everything still reminds me of you always will"

You do the cutest things ever you are the cutest thing ever I just hope HE see's that"

My Boss Who Wanted To Date Me:

Me: "Do you talk about me in therapy?"

"Not anymore"


"That IS a goooood thing!"

"I like your calender HA" (Bunch of bathing suit babes)

"OH there is one of them that totally reminds me of you!" (Shows me a pic of one of them oh my god totally hot chick....why can't I see myself that way?) And WOW he actually thinks about me when I am not in his life amazing

If you were wondering...yes....alot of my entries are *Friends Only*

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